Developing a holistic cell church through spiritual transformation

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The structure of a traditional church is no longer fitting for the establishment of a healthy church in the post-modern society, and is now in transition to cell church in the trend of meta church. In the data, the cell church is proven in its significant contribution to the formation of spirituality. Today's society is characterized as internet-dominated and computer- controlled. Corporations, shopping centers and supermarkets once played active roles in social exchanges are no longer exercising this function. Instead, they find themselves gradually isolated in the new culture. Computers have transformed our relationships, so we have become less intimate with other. Now it's now more tempting to make new cyber friends, via e-life then move into to face-to-face relationship. Therefore, the church in the post-modem society needs to be re-established in the environment of a community in which each and every individual recover their true identities. Post-industrialized society that is represented by the mouse age requires rapid changes in the forms and contents of pastoral ministry. This trend raises serious questions among Korean American churches; such as: What types of churches will survive since the churches are made of limited number of immigrants? And what characteristics will the future church demand? Ralph Neighbor, the author of Cell Church Handbook, introduced the concept of the church with two wings the creator originally started: one wing is designed for the purpose of corporate worship whereas the other wing is designed for the purpose of small group community. Neighbors goes on saying that the church with two wings flies high in the sky to the presence of God and fulfill His will here on earth. However, today's church fails to fly with two wings. The two wings named transcendence and rational have disappeared. Therefore, the church aligned with the world, needs to be transformed to change the world by virtue of two wings for lifting spirituality. This study is summarized in the following way: Part 1 deals with the questions and analysis of the mega church which has produced absurdities and a living community as modeled in the prototype of the first church in the pursuit of the structural change. Part 2 examines the church in the post-modern society and the cell church as a prototype and its spirituality which is proven to overcome pastoral crisis. It also studies the functionality of the First Church and the church in the post-modern society. Part 3 shows a practical prototype this is to apply its theory in the pastoral field and the result of empirical data of the previous pastoral studies. As this researcher taught and proved in the study team, part 4 examines that the traditional church is now in transition to the cell church congregation church from the perspective of critical reflection along with its re-establishment for its spirituality. However, this study is limited to the spiritual comprehension by the capacity of cell leaders who are responsible for the spirituality of the cell church and the formation of their spirituality. The culture m post-modem society is characterized as a non-lineal age of uncertainty this fails us to look into the future through lineal perspective. It is also characterized as a non-local which is bound to extremes. One end requires the other and it often becomes the other end itself. Therefore, it becomes a double ministry in its paradox. This attempted change was also tested and proved to be unsuccessful in this researcher's own church without bringing any significant result. Nevertheless, its well-worth of continuing its study in the healthy direction to recover true human identity of spiritual community and its spirituality. This empirical study of pastoral ministry has assured me that a church can indeed become a flexible yet firmly wholesome church, regardless of its size, by revising theological study and practical contents in its variety. The church with this new paradigm sheds a light of dancing hope, if not now, but in the near future when it indeed recovers and wears its two wings back in its unchanging integrity. The church is therefore, in need of a rebirth out of a traditional system into a new system. 
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